Puppy gives massage to relax singers before their singing lessons


Puppy gives massage to relax singers before their singing lessons.

A must see video just released. Imagine that…a puppy giving a professional deep tissue massage! How much would you pay to have that done?

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Sally b. Waller, singing coach

Puppy gives massage to relax singers before their singing lessons


My puppy, Teddy, desires to provide his amazing massage to singers to relax them before singing lessons. These massages feel great! Lol.

Speaking of a massage, stay tuned for my upcoming blogs on the highly requested topic of stage fright and relaxation. Be sure to check in for updates at Facebook.com/VocalzMusic or feel free to request a chat at “VocalzMusicPublishing” via Oovoo.

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Sally b. Waller
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Singing Flat? Are U Pitchy? Can I Be Honest?


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Singing Flat? Art U Pitchy?

Okay so in my experience as a singing coach, the majority of my students require ear training. Believe it or not I’m still waiting for the day when a student informs me up front that they have trouble singing a song on pitch. Often they’ve discribed themselves as experienced singers who simply need a little coaching, maybe showmanship help or a little vocal choreography…But it is NEVER pitch that is the issue, to hear them tell it. And I often wonder (as I shake my head) how the heck they were doing recording studio work and/or live performances all this time and nobody ever offered up the suggestion that this person needed help…I usually have to bust their bubble and be the very first one who has EVER told them, “I think you could benefit from ear training be- cause you are not able to sing any song without getting pitchy and it does not sound good.” I usually tell them this after I’ve recorded their voice and before we actually listen to their recording to point out the areas that we need to work on. It is often a rude awakening when they hear this from me..I’ve even had a few students cry when I broke it down but then comes the great news..then comes the BRIGHT SIDE!…”Your issue can be corrected quickly and easily if you are willing to allow me the opportunity to help you. You are not the first and certainly not the last person I’ve successfully helped to overcome this…” Then we begin to put together a personalized plan of action to correct their issue so we can move on to other areas of vocal and/or artist development…

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